Rewards Reimagined

Universal Check-in App, With Endless Possibilities

Earn Cash Rewards, Perks, and Status at All Your Local Hot Spots

How GOTYOU works

It starts by downloading our free app

GOTYOU partners with the best local merchants in your area. Find your favorites and connect with them through the GOTYOU app.

Check in through the app every visit

Refresh the GOTYOU app, and click on the merchant. Click on Check-in and you instantly earn a cash reward!

Earn status, perks, and rewards with every visit

After checking in, leave feedback, answer a survey, or refer a friend. Each time, you earn $GET, our universal rewards currency, which you can cash out or use anywhere.  Check out ways you can make money with GOTYOU!

Earn Rewards every day at businesses near you.

Think of hotel points across all Marriott brands, but for local restaurants and retail stores. Tired of juggling countless loyalty cards, apps, and programs? GOTYOU simplifies this with a universal rewards app and the $GET token, partnering with hundreds of local merchants.
Every time you visit a GOTYOU enabled merchant, you earn $GET. Spend these tokens at any local merchant or cash them out. You earned it, so you choose where and when to spend it. No more struggling to earn enough points for a sandwich or taco. Now, earn across hundreds of stores with a single currency.


Join us along this journey!